Mind  * Body * Spirit

'Mystic See is a sacred place to come to
"Let It Be" while offering the tools
for self empowerment. 

– Lynne Kloss Owner 

Spiritually Experiencing Life Fully
Nurture your Body
Expressing the Love we are by caring for our human bodies.
Enlighten our Mind
Expanding our understanding of All That Is and
transforming our life experience through the awareness ofthe power of our thoughts.
Live in Spirit
Aware of the Reality Expressing the truth of who we are in all moments.
We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience.
Let’s Go for It!

Mystic See offers:


We at Mystic See honor the Universal Unconditional Consciousness that IS.

We know, precious ones, this Presence within all.

Our intention, classes, meditations and events reflect this Knowing.

We hold truly to the understanding that the Power is within all of us.

We invite you to continue to explore and experience the deepest truth within each of us.

We are one. We are loved, loveable and loving,

We are indeed Spirit manifesting All That Is in this humanity. Namaste.


In peace and love, Lynne, Patty and Bill


Come and experience our Garden


Upcoming Events

Gift Shop Hours
Wednesday -Saturday 
10:00an - 5:00pm
Beginning November
Tuesday – Saturday
10:00am – 5:00pm
Please note:
Mystic See will close 
at 3:00 pm 
on the first Saturday
of each month





Meditations on Thursdays
Beginning in November 
Silent Meditation
Guided Meditation
Intention Meditation
$2 per meditation


REIKI Classes
Rev. Patty Ruth Msc.D.
Call Mystic See
for information.


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Address: 411 West Dearborn St. Englewood FL

E-mail: email@mysticsee.net